Classical Mechanics
Celestial Mechanics: Solar system dynamics, Mercury's perihelion, Trojan asteroids, Lagrange points and their stability
Mercury matlab files

Elastic vibrations and waves - strings and membranes

Resonance - Huygen's pendulums and synchronization

Quantum Mechanics
Teaching wave mechanics with matlab (pages version) (pdf version - no video) (double well animation) (two-dim animation) (docx version)
download Matlab files (dist.tar)

energy spectra

perturbation theory (symbolic computations)

Creation-annihilation operators in form or represented as sparse matrices

Tunnel effect
Orthogonal polynomials and Gauss quadrature rules.
reference to the theory of Orthogonal Polynomials: MMF, Appendix II
Matlab Files

Introduction and first examples

Walker/Knuth alias method
Package Knuth matlab code

Stochastic processes, Brownian motion and   Langevin equation

Monte Carlo methods

Spin systems`; Ising, Potts, ZNZ_N

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